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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I've got my TESOL Certificate, now what?

How do I get a job as an English Language Teacher?

Getting TESOL Certified is the First Step

So, if you're like the group of teachers that have just completed World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute TESOL Certificate course, you're probably wondering, "What now?  I've got the skills.  I've got the accredited TESOL certificate, and I'm ready to start teaching.  Now, all I need is an English language teaching job!"

Teach Your Way Around the World with TESOL Trainers
Practicing Language Doesn't Have to Be Boring.
Now that you are a TESOL certified teacher, where do you go from here?  There are so many opportunities for teaching English both at home and abroad.  Likewise, there are many ways to learn about these TESOL jobs.

How do you get your first job teaching English overseas?  While earning your certificate was probably a challenge, finding the teaching job that best fits your goals can also be a bit challenging.  Deciding where and what you see yourself teaching is critical.

Certainly, you want to start looking for what kinds of English language teaching jobs are out there.  The resources available can seem overwhelming;  The internet provides a ton of English language teaching jobs, recruiters, discussion boards, and many other indispensable tools for finding a teaching gig.

There are countless TESOL employment opportunities that appear every day.  These are English language teaching jobs from all over the world.  There is a huge variety in the kinds of schools looking for TESOL certified teachers all with their own requirements.   These TESOL jobs are also quite diverse in the scope of the teaching job (kinds of classes), the number of contract hours, and the compensation the schools offer.

What's the best way to tap into the available resources to find a job teaching English that meets your needs?

Teaching Your Way Around the World!

How Do I Get a Job Teaching Overseas?

 Maybe you're thinking of teaching English in somewhere in South America; the idea of finally learning Spanish is appealing to you.   Perhaps you have your sites set on Asia, Japan or China; you've always been fascinated with these cultures.  It could be that you hear the Micronesian island of Yap to be calling your name;  you have always wanted to live on a small island surrounded by the sounds of the sea.  You could also be interested in teaching ESL locally;  you feel drawn to give back to your community and teaching immigrants English feels like the right thing to do.

TESOL - What a fabulous field!!

Wherever you decide to begin your career teaching English, an accredited TESOL Certificate is your ticket to finding a TESOL job that meets your needs.  As you begin to focus on where you would like to start teaching English, you may want to consider some of these TESOL Job hunting tips.

8 Steps to finding the TESOL job that is right for you:

1.             What's my goal for entering the TESOL field?  

Teach Your Way Around the World with TESOL Trainers
Bagan, Myanmar

Exploring what your goals are is the best place to begin.  For some people, their goal is to live in Bagan, Myanmar to meditate and paint sunsets;  their teaching certificate in TESOL gives them the opportunity to accomplish this.  For others, it's to live in another country to learn that culture and language.  Some people have gotten into this TESOL field because they just want a job (imagine that), and their main goal is to earn a good salary.  

Having a clear goal can make the process of finding a TESOL job more fruitful and easier.

2.             Where am I going to be teaching English to non-native speakers?  

Teach Your Way Around the World with TESOL Trainers
Machu Pichu

        For those teachers who wish to teach locally, there are specific options to pursue like local ESL programs and non-profits that serve immigrant populations.  People who want to teach abroad, have other options.  There are teachers who want to teach  in a specific place where they would like to go like Cusco or Taipei.  Still there are others who don't care as long as it's somewhere else. 

Knowing where you see yourself teaching English helps narrow the focus of your job search.

3.             What are my expectations for an English language teaching job?  

Teach Your Way Around the World with TESOL Trainers

This question helps us hone our search even more.  Some people want to teach in a specific context (no kids, adults only, please);  some people need to teach a specific aspect of English (I only do intermediate students, please);  some people need a specific time frame (I can do it for six months, a year, more);  some people need a specific salary (I have to make 'x' per month).  The chances are there are English language teaching positions that meet your needs.  Before looking, you need to be clear on what these are.

Understanding your own expectations for a teaching job gets you closer to your goal.

4.             How do I find what jobs are out there?  

          There are are 3 basic ways to find what's out there.  The first is to use the internet as a job search tool.  Be sure you've gathered your patience and know where to look.  Another option is to use an recruiting agency to do your searching for you.  This can be a valid choice as long as you understand the advantages & disadvantages of this route.  Finally, you can always go to the place where you want to teach and start knocking on doors.  All of these venues can help you find a teaching job that matches your goals.

How you choose to find an English language teaching job will influence the choices you have.

Contact John Kongsvik to learn about TESOL Trainers.

5.             How do I apply for TESOL jobs that I am interested in?  

          Now that you have found an English language teaching position that interests you, you've got to think about how to get them interested in you.  While this can be as simple as filling out an application, other employers will ask for  more.  Don't be alarmed if you're asked for a copy of your passport (or your real passport), a  photo, a teaching video or a narrative on your philosophy of teaching.  The objective here is to get your application into the hands of the person who does the hiring.  You have to imagine that you are not the only person applying for this job;  how will you differentiate your application from the rest?  Pay attention to what the employer is requesting and make sure you provide the educational institution with all of the required documents otherwise, your CV & the opportunity may wind up in the trash bin.

Pay attention to the application process; provide the employer with all requested information.

6.             What happens once a potential TESOL/TEFL employer shows interest in me?  

           Now, that you have the employer's interest, what happens?  In some cases, you may be offered the teaching job as soon as you apply (hmm what does that tell you?).  In most cases, there are other steps that can include going through an interview, and even seeing an example of how you teach via video or in person.  Each employer has specific goals, needs, and preferences and will act accordingly. Prepare yourself for this by identifying how your skills meet the employer's needs and determine how best to broadcast this.

Directly connect how your education and experience promote the school's mission.

7.             What happens after I'm offered a TESOL position?  

        You may have one or more schools that want to hire you.  While having more than one option is beneficial, don't ignore this next step.  At this stage, you may find yourself wanting to make sure that you and the school will be a good fit.  In addition to job related issues (extra pay, health insurance, training, vacation, etc) there are also living concerns (safety, housing, food, recreation, etc).  Before signing a contract and buying your plane ticket, make sure you feel this English language teaching position, the school, and the community are good fits.    

Knowing what the position is and what it isn't is crucial to getting your expectations met.

8.             What do I do once I get the job teaching English?  

         You're almost at the end of the beginning of something.  You know where you're going to be, what you're going to do, and you are getting ready to take the TESOL plunge.  There are a plethora of things that you still need to consider and address from what to do with your old life to how to prepare yourself for your new life.  Try learning as much as you can about the place you'll be living.  Consider studying the language and learning about a bit about the  culture.  Make contacts with people who live there and hopefully are teaching at the same school or in a similar context.  Collect any materials you want to use when you're teaching English.  Brush off your passport and take a deep breath.

Making sure you cover all bases is a way to set yourself up for success for teaching English overseas.

Finding an English language teaching job that meets your expectations can be a daunting endeavor.  

Beginning this quest with a clear goal in mind and a defined set of expectations can refine your search and help you find TESOL jobs that were not clearly evident in the ocean of teaching opportunities that appear online every day.  Using the hiring process to measure how the teaching position fits (or doesn't fit) your needs, maximizes the chances that most of your expectations will be met.  Your goals and expectations may evolve as you move through this process, that's natural.  

The global demand for TESOL Certified teachers continues to grow;  you can help fill this need and, perhaps, follow a dream that you've always had to teach your way around the world©.  

TESOL Trainers is an education consulting company that sets every student up for success, one teacher at a time. 

John Kongsvik, Director TESOL Trainers
Contact John Kongsvik, the director of TESOL Trainers for more informatoon on how you can teach your way around the world.

We work with all types of educational institutions (K-12Higher Ed) that support excellence in teaching and excellence in learning.

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