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Saturday, October 3, 2020

The Experiential Learning Cycle and the SIT TESOL Certificate Course

The Experiential Learning Cycle and the SIT TESOL Certificate Course

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So, in the last post, we looked at the fundamental components of the SIT TESOL Certificate Course.  Before we look at a specific example of how participants interact with the content of the course, let's step back and explore the Experiential Learning Cycle (ELC).

The ELC, proposed by David Kolb, captures the process that we all pass through as we engage in learning.  His model outlines the steps we take as we create learning.  Kolb proposes the process can be broken down into four stages.

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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Do I really need to get TESOL Certified?

Do I need a TESOL Certificate to Teach English Overseas?

Teaching English Overseas With or Without a TESOL Certificate?

Many people who want to teach English overseas ask themselves this question when they first consider taking a TESOL Certificate course.  In many cases, it's easy to see why.  You may be a native English speaker, possess a degree in a related area, have experience teaching, or just feel you'd be a fantastic teacher don't you already have what it takes?  There is some truth to this though times continue to change.

25 years ago you really only needed to be a native English speaker with a passport and a pulse to find a teaching job almost anywhere in the world. Today, getting a job teaching English overseas can be more challenging for someone who doesn't have a TESOL Certificate.  After all, other people applying for English language teaching job most likely are certified in TESOL. 

Nonetheless, there are certainly circumstances in which a TESOL Certificate may not be needed.  For most, earning a TESOL Certificate may be the best first step to take before teaching English overseas.

Watch this:  Author Marsha Scarbrough shares 
her thoughts on getting TESOL Certified in Santa Fe.

Here are some of the factors that may influence your decision on whether or not to get a TESOL Certificate.

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