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Thursday, September 3, 2020

Do I really need to get TESOL Certified?

Do I need a TESOL Certificate to Teach English Overseas?

Teaching English Overseas With or Without a TESOL Certificate?

Many people who want to teach English overseas ask themselves this question when they first consider taking a TESOL Certificate course.  In many cases, it's easy to see why.  You may be a native English speaker, possess a degree in a related area, have experience teaching, or just feel you'd be a fantastic teacher don't you already have what it takes?  There is some truth to this though times continue to change.

25 years ago you really only needed to be a native English speaker with a passport and a pulse to find a teaching job almost anywhere in the world. Today, getting a job teaching English overseas can be more challenging for someone who doesn't have a TESOL Certificate.  After all, other people applying for English language teaching job most likely are certified in TESOL. 

Nonetheless, there are certainly circumstances in which a TESOL Certificate may not be needed.  For most, earning a TESOL Certificate may be the best first step to take before teaching English overseas.

Watch this:  Author Marsha Scarbrough shares 
her thoughts on getting TESOL Certified in Santa Fe.

Here are some of the factors that may influence your decision on whether or not to get a TESOL Certificate.

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