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Monday, February 17, 2020

The Experiential Learning Cycle: Promoting Positive Teaching Practices

The Experiential Learning Cycle -

Promoting Positive Teaching Practices

Regardless of yourteaching experience, the Experiential Learning Cycle {ELC} provides a framework for informing and transforming our teaching practices. [to see the first post on this, click here]

Teacher Training with TESOL TrainersThough the ELC has been around in some form or another, it was David Kolb who brought detail to the stages of learning that everyone, on some level or another, pass through as we engage in experiences and encounters.  Common phrases such as ‘we learn from our experiences’ and ‘trial and error’ capture this natural process.

Educators can use this basic process to frame how they approach teaching and learning.  With a little effort and a bit of practice, teachers can support their own understanding of what helps/hinders learning and their ability to improve their own teaching practice.  

Using the ELC is a critical way in informing and transforming your teaching practice.

Monday, February 3, 2020

The Global Need for English Language Teachers

The Skyrocketing Demand for TESOL Teacher Overseas

In previous posts, we have discussed the increase in the demand for qualified English language teachers.  The chances are that you can name a non-native English speaking country and they are more than likely looking for English language teachers.
Teach Your Way Around the World
Doing a few Google searches will put you in touch with a ton of websites that dedicate themselves to TESOL employment.  On a monthly basis, there are around 20,000 jobs that are posted somewhere online!

That is not to say that every country has the same needs either in quantity of TESOL teachers or the quality of English language instructors.  These vary region by region with the common denominator in all of them:  

A TESOL Certificate is the minimal requisite.  Here's why.

Let’s take a look at some of the hot spots for English language teachers....