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Thursday, October 17, 2019

What to Expect When Taking the TESOL Course

What should you expect when taking our 

TESOL Certificate Course?

So, what really happens in a typical SIT TESOL Certificate course?  

This is a great question to ask as this TESOL Certificate course probably isn't like many courses you've taken in the past.  Most classes are the 'sit' and 'get' kind where the instructor doles out the information, the students take notes, and passing the class is dependent on passing the tests.

TESOL Trainers is an educational consulting company supporting K-23 educational institutions that work with English language learners.
Participants on the SIT TESOL Course plan for class.
World Learning's SIT TESOL Certificate course is different in all aspects.  As previously mentioned, this TESOL course is the kind of course for people who want to take charge of their own learning.

This TESOL Certificate program is a very interactive, experiential course that encourages participants to think critically, take risks, and involve their whole selves in the process from the beginning to the end.

For a look at how the TESOL Certificate course schedule is laid out, visit:

www.tesoltrainers.com. Here's a more detailed look of what goes on at each stage of the course.

There are basically 3 components to the TESOL course:  TESOL workshops, lesson planning, and practice teaching.  

Let's explore each of these!!!!