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Sunday, November 3, 2019

Close Your Eyes, Spin the Globe, and Pick Your Place to Teach

Teach Your Way Around the World©

Close your eyes, spin the globe and pick a place to teach

Get TESOL Certified with TESOL Trainers and teach your way around the world

Pick Your Place to TESOL™ 

With the proper preparation and a TESOL Certificate, you can literally close your eyes, spin a globe and pick a place to teach.

As long as your finger didn't land in a large body of water, the chances are there are jobs for you teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). 

From Asia to AfricaGuatemala to Guayana, and from Moscow to Micronesia, there are English language teachers and following their dream of teaching their way around the world©.

There is an unquenchable thirst for qualified English language teachers and that global demand has never been greater.   

Understanding what the field of TESOL and what the range of teaching opportunities looks like will help you determine if teaching English to non-native speakers fits into your own life goals.  If it does, get ready to open the door to a literal universe of teaching opportunities.

The field of TESOL {Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages} is unique for a number of reasons:

  1. English language teaching jobs are found all over the world.  While you could also probably go just about anywhere and flip burgers at a fast-food restaurant, it most likely not your dream to serve french fries in Fez, Morocco.
  2. There is a huge variety of teaching assignments ranging from teaching the traditional language class (e.g. Conversation I, Advanced Writing) to teaching specialized English language programs (e.g. Medical English, Business English).
  3. Teaching positions differ greatly in terms of working hours, conditions, compensation, and support.  Some positions require you to work a 'normal' work week, others evenings and weekends; some provide generous benefits including flight others won't even pay the cab fare.

Traveling through the field of TESOL...

You can teach English anywhere in the world!

TESOL is a vast field that covers many broad categories and includes many specialized sectors.  English language teachers can be found throughout the educational system in any country.  The English language is taught in public and private schools from Pre-K through college as part of the curriculum.  Many schools and universities around the world offer course instruction in English only.  

There are countless private language schools that specialize in teaching specific segments of students.  Some institutions look for conversational English instructors while others seek TESOL teachers who have experience in more specified courses like Academic Writing or Business English.  Governmental and private initiatives may provide English language programs to children, adolescents, and adults alike.    Likewise, businesses, hotels, and other institutions may offer English language classes to their employees.

In addition to working at a language institute in Tokyo, you may also be offering lucrative private classes.  Private classes are often easy to find and tend to pay a lot more money than what the school is giving you.  

Finally, in this ever-evolving field, TESOL certified teachers can find a myriad of interesting English language teaching opportunities.  

  • Professional baseball teams hire instructors to follow the team and tutor a non-native English speaking team member.  
  • A circus was once looking for an English language teacher to work with a Russian acrobat.  
  • There's a family that is looking for a private language teacher for their children who will live in their house and interact with the kids on a daily basis.
  • A busy Korean businessman hires a qualified person to call him on the phone and speak to him in English for 30 minutes every day.  
  • A Caribbean hotel is searching for a TESOL certified teacher who will exchange free transportation, room, and board for two hours of Tourism English per day.
  • A scientist needs to improve his English before giving an important presentation;  more than anything, he needs a pronunciation coach.
These are just a few of the unique job opportunities there are in the TESOL field; more than 20,000 job offers are posted on the internet on a daily basis.  You are only one accredited TESOL Certificate away from winning a round-the-world teaching trip.

TESOL Employment

Whether teaching the English language at home (in the USA) or abroad, the opportunities for teaching English to non-native speakers tend to fall into one of the categories below; as you review them, notice the examples that are given.
  1. Public School - Pre K-12 or university-based program
    • Primary level EFL teacher - Total Learning Academy - Yangon, Myanmar
    • Language tutor - St. John's Academy- Seattle, Washington
    • Level 2 EFL teacher - Universidad de la Mixteca - Oaxaca, Mexico
    • Intensive English Language teacher - Santa Fe University of Art and Design - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  2. Private Institute - a language school specifically for learning English
    • Business English teacher - American Language School - Tokyo, Japan
    • Level 1 EFL teacher - International Language School - Arequipa, Peru
    • English Conversation Class instructor - Babel Education - Santa Fe, New Mexico
    • Academic Writing Instructor - Language Plus - El Paso, Texas
  3. Funded Initiative - an ESL/EFL program funded by public or private funds
    • English language Instructor for teachers - Universidad de Santiago de Chile - Santiago, Chile
    • Adult English Language Instructor - Ministry of Education - Majuro, The Marshall Islands
    • English for Refugees - Utah Relocation Program - Salt Lake City, Utah
    • ESL Instructor - Adult Basic Education Program - Santa Fe, New Mexico
  4. Self Employed - private tutor offering private classes
    • English Language Tutor - Offering telephone English classes - Seoul, Korea
    • TEFOL Preparation Tutor - Guiding students to pass the TOEFL - Algiers, Algeria
    • Pronunciation Teacher - Giving professionals pronunciation tips - Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • Conversation Coach - Providing small conversation classes - Albany, New York

The TESOL field is vast with enough room in it for any TESOL certified teacher and wants to 

    Get TESOL Certified with TESOL Trainers and teach your way around the world
  • If you're looking for a specific time frame (short term - 1 semester - 1 academic year - 2 years), you can find a satisfying job that meets this need.  
  • If you'd like to teach somewhere in the Middle East but only part-time so you can focus on your Arabic language skills, there are jobs for you.  
  • If you can only see yourself teaching English to Central American women who sell their wares at tourist markets, there are these opportunities and many more like it.
  • If you have to teach in Hong Kong as you want to be the foreign extra on Chinese soap operas, you too can find a job teaching English to non-native speakers.

Yes, with a TESOL certificate from a reputable, accredited school, the world becomes your oyster and the question becomes...where would you like to eat for the next year?

Of course, things aren't always as easy as getting a job offer the first time you apply for a teaching job;  there are certain measures you should take before signing the contract.  Empowering yourself with knowledge about the TESOL field and teaching English overseas is a vital step.  

If you're interested in exploring common issues in teaching, you will love  Everything Teaching TESOL.

If you'd like to learn more about TESOL Trainers' world-renowned TESOL Certificate course, visit our website.  We offer this course in traditional and remote formats.  You can speak to John Kongsvik if you'd like more information about what we can do to help you teach your way around the world!

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