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Monday, December 3, 2018

Teaching English Overseas: 10 Great TESOL Websites

Teaching English Overseas: 

10 Great Websites for TESOL Employment

Looking for a TESOL job overseas can be both exciting and exhausting.  If you have ever done a web search with any of the following phrases:

You've undoubtedly been bombarded with thousands of hits.  Among the ads you'll find sites that range from useless to useful.  

(By the way, here's a useful one that gives similar details on finding a job teaching English abroad.)

There has been a skyrocketing growth in the demand for qualified TESOL teachers that shows no signs of slowing down.   This is true throughout the world and in particular in both Asia and Latin America.  With the economies in each of these regions booming, there is a greater need for learning English and a higher number of people who can afford it.
For those of you who are TESOL Certified and are ready to teach your way around the world©,  to start your career teaching English overseas right here.  

Watch this :  Alyx shares her experiences 

getting TESOL Certified and working overseas

Top 10 websites for finding a job teaching English overseas 

Finding TESOL Jobs Our Top 10 Websites

Taking our TESOL preparation program provides you with a solid foundation on which to begin your career as an English language teacher.  You're confident in your teaching skills;  you've armed yourself with skills for practicing reflective teaching;  now, you're hungry for a destination.  

Contact John Kongsvik, Director of TESOL Trainers  for more info

Of course, you get online and start googling overseas jobs, but the shear number of websites is overwhelming.  Here's a list of the best websites for finding TESOL employment.  

This list is in alphabetical order.
  1. About.com has an impressive cache of information about where to teach, how to prepare, what to watch out for, and just about every other question you might ask yourself.
  2. Dave's ESL Café
 is one of the most popular places to post job openings and to find jobs. You can chat to others about opportunities, get advice, and stay abreast on the TESOL field.
  3. Dave’s international jobs forum is a great place to connect with other job hunters and teachers.  There are some interesting threads to help you stay up to date on the field.
  4. ESL Job Find has another collection of English language teaching job opportunities organized by region and country.  It offers a few forums and a place to post your resume (as most do).
  5. Get TESOL Certified with TESOL Trainers and John KongsvikEnglish Job Maze contains recent job openings, information on teaching overseas, and how to supplement your income.  Having options are always beneficial.
  6. ESL Employment is a jewel of website that allows you to not only look for TESOL jobs all over the world, but also because you can read up on what it is like to work in specific countries and places in the world.
  7. English First is a huge TESOL institution that has schools throughout the world.  There is a lot of room for movement and transfers from one branch to another.
  8. International House World
 has a wonderful reputation as a quality school and a supportive teaching environment.  They have branches all over the world and are always hiring TESOL qualified teachers.
  9. Transitions Abroad is packed with resources that will arm you with knowledge (and hopefully a TESOL job).  It’s worth spending some time looking at the top jobs listing or picking your next adventure.
  10. TEFL.com has some wonderful job-hunting tools.  You can search for jobs according to many factors, and you can even review the cost of living for the place you are interested in. 
Look at TESOL Trainers TESOL Employment page for even more detailed information.

As you well know, there are tons of websites that can give you great leads.  

Before you get lost on the web, check out the 10 that I've listed.

These websites will arm you with knowledge, opportunities, and a ticket to teaching your way around the world™.

If you want to teach overseas and aren't certified, check out our TESOL Certificate Program and start to teach your way around the world©.

Watch what Christina Romero says about John Kongsvik's program.

We're TESOL Trainers and we provide students and teachers a scaffold to success!  We offer a wide variety of professional development and teacher training for new and experienced teachers.  If you'd like to know what we're up to, visit our facebook page.

You can also look at our related blogs: Everything Teaching TESOL which offers teaching tips, planning tips, and everything you need to be an effective teacher.  The SIOP Trainer will empower you with information and skills to become a SIOP Jedi.
Don't just get TESOL Certified; get TESOL Inspired © 


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  8. Good info regarding this i want job search this as a result of i do not skills to seek out this quick.

    1. TESOL Trainers, Inc. provides professional development to K-12 educational institutions worldwide that work with English Language Learners.

      TESOL Trainers, Inc. also one of the leading providers of the SIT TESOL Certificate course.

      They have an excellent resource on finding a job teaching English overseas:

  9. With an accredited TESOL certificate, there are are sure to be plenty of options among the 20,000+ jobs that flood the market every month. A previous post, Close Your Eyes, Spin the Globe, and Pick Your Place to Teach, covers this with more detail...and it sounds like that is just what you want to do.

    John Kongsvik, Director
    TESOL Trainers, Inc.

    1. Thank you for the reply but how do i approach?

  10. Barbara,

    go to www.tesoltrainers.com to get more information on the course and to check dates for up and coming courses. John Kongsvik. TESOL Trainers, Inc.

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