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Monday, February 3, 2020

The Global Need for English Language Teachers

The Skyrocketing Demand for TESOL Teacher Overseas

In previous posts, we have discussed the increase in the demand for qualified English language teachers.  The chances are that you can name a non-native English speaking country and they are more than likely looking for English language teachers.
Teach Your Way Around the World
Doing a few Google searches will put you in touch with a ton of websites that dedicate themselves to TESOL employment.  On a monthly basis, there are around 20,000 jobs that are posted somewhere online!

That is not to say that every country has the same needs either in quantity of TESOL teachers or the quality of English language instructors.  These vary region by region with the common denominator in all of them:  

A TESOL Certificate is the minimal requisite.  Here's why.

Let’s take a look at some of the hot spots for English language teachers....

The Global Demand for English Language Teachers

Number one on our list is Asia.  Asian economies range from solid to super.  In addition to seeing English language proficiency as a key component of their development, the burgeoning middle classes in China, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam have more disposable income.  Emphasis on English language instruction begins at an early age and extends through secondary school onto college and beyond.  The more globalized Asia becomes, the greater the need for TESOL teachers to succeed on a global level.
Country specific facts:
Teach Your Way Around the WorldChina:  China, soon to be the world’s economic powerhouse, has a thirst for English language learners that cannot be quenched.    China has a thriving and growing middle class.  As the Chinese economy has strengthened and the demand has skyrocketed, the compensation for English language teachers has risen as well.  In addition to more reasonable salaries, the benefits that schools offer are much more on par with their regional neighbors. 

Japan:  You can’t talk about Asia without mentioning Japan.  While the Japanese economy has stagnated over the past decade, it’s demand for English language teachers has not.  Japan has a mature market for TESOL teachers and has probably the longest tradition of English language programs in Asia.  There are a wide range of opportunities for qualified teachers with all types of expectations.  The salaries tend to be high and the compensation, satisfying.  If you’re fascinated with everything Japanese, the SIT TESOL Certificate will prepare you for a truly wonderful experience.
Teach Your Way Around the WorldMyanmar:  This country, formerly known as Burma, has emerged from isolation with a boom.  The growing middle class places a high value on education and on English language learning.  Foreign investments increase at an unbelievable rate.  The number of tourists who visit Myanmar have been doubling each year.  All of this has opened this country to qualified English language teachers who want an out of the ordinary (and incredible) experience.  Don't expect to get rich, but do expect to have a life-altering experience. 
South Korea:  This country has been a magnet for TEFL/TESOL teachers for years.  For years, the South Korean government has led the charge to improve English language learning and instruction in this developed nation.  Anyone with a TESOL Certificate will be able to find a job teaching English in this country.  In addition to their being a large number of opportunities with universities and private English language schools, the public schools have a seemingly unlimited desire for qualified TESOL teachers.
Taiwan:  Taiwan, like the other developed Asian counties has a mature market for TESOL teachers.  There are plenty of opportunities for those who want to work with children or those teachers who want to teach English to adults either in college or beyond.  The salaries are almost equal to those of South Korea and the benefits are about equal as well.  Most of the educational institutions will want you to make a year long commitment.  You’ll find the island of Formosa to  be delightful, the food delicious, and the experience definitely worth it.
Teach Your Way Around the WorldViet Nam:  This country, dubbed the new old-China, has experienced a booming economy over the past decade.  With increased international investments, global partners, and a rising middle class, the need for qualified TESOL teachers has ballooned.  While the salaries can be low for Asian standards, the culture, people and country are all treasures.  Above the need for teachers for all school aged students, there is an increasing need for Business English, English for Tourism, & other specialized fields.
Though we've only highlighted six countries, it does paint a clear picture of the increased demand for TESOL Certified teachers.  We could mention many other Asian countries like Thailand, Laos, and Mongolia as other places that are booming with opportunities.  All you need is your TESOL Certificate and a passport to get started.  To see why this is the most important step, read this.

If you're interested in getting TESOL Certified and teaching your way around the world,  you've come to the right place!

We are TESOL Trainers and we set all students up for success, one teacher at a time!


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