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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Get TESOL Certified & Teach Your Way Around the World

Getting Certified in TESOL

Teach Your Way Around The World ™

Becoming TESOL certified as you enter the field of teaching English to speakers of other languages {TESOL}is not only a good idea, but it's also an investment that pays immediate and lasting benefits.

While there are places around the world that will accept a native-English speaking teacher without an accredited TESOL Certificate, most employers of TESOL teachers require this as a minimum requisite.  You can read more about this in our post:  Do I really need to get TESOL certified?

There are many clear reasons why getting TESOL certified is the first step you take before you start teaching your way around the world.  More than likely, your principle reason is getting a job overseas.  So, let's start from there.

  1. You'll feel prepared to teach non-native English speakers. {Knowing a language is not the same as knowing how to teach it}
  2. You'll feel competent in teaching all aspects of TESOL. {Learning a language is more than vocabulary and grammar}
  3. You'll be able to choose from a wider variety of TESOL job opportunities. {There are hundreds of openings each day}
  4. You'll be able to teach where having a TESOL Certificate is the law.  {Many require this in exchange for a work visa}
  5. You'll be on par with thousands of other TESOL Certified teachers. {Education and experience count in this field too}
Watch this video!    Alyx will tell 
you why she got TESOL Certified.

Here's why earning your SIT TESOL Certificate from TESOL Trainers is the best step to take before teaching English locally or abroad......

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Finding a TESOL Job Overseas - 5 Crucial Considerations

Finding a TESOL Job Overseas

5 Questions to Ask Your Employer Before the Contract is Signed

So, you've got your TESOL Certificate and have found some appealing possibilities teaching English overseas, and are preparing for potential TESOL job interviews.  In addition to selling yourself in the interview, you also have to determine whether or not this job is right for you and whether or not the school is right for you.   
While this may be challenging for a number of reasons, arming yourself with as much information as you can get is the best way to make sure your expectations are met.

While there are employers who freely offer a lot of information about the school and community, many potential employers do not go out of their way to paint the clearest of pictures they could.  

Here are 5 broad strokes to ponder before you sign that contract to teach at that school:

  1. You may not know too much about the school.
  2. You don't know anyone who's worked there.
  3. You don't have a clear picture of the TESOL position.
  4. You don't know the real value of your compensation.
  5. You don't know much about the location.

Watch this video:  Esta Gutierrez  shares how she got 
TESOL Certified in Sant Fe, NM and taught all over the word.

Below you'll find a list of 5 key considerations to explore with a potential employer before you start packing your bags.