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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

What do I do once I have my TESOL Certificate?

What do I do once I have my TESOL Certificate?

How do I get a job teaching English as a certified TESOL teacher?

In my 15+ years as a trainer on the SIT TESOL Certificate course, I have noticed that there are definite differences in how TESOL graduates enter the job market, TESOL certificates in their hands.

Some graduates have found work before or while taking the TESOL Certificate course.  Some participants complete the course knowing that they will begin their teaching careers at a determined future date.  Other graduates don't really know what they want to teach, where they want to teach or when they will begin.

More than likely you fall into category 1 or 2 if you are reading this.😏

Feel free to check out TESOL Trainer's Youtube page.  There you will find a number of testimonials by graduates of the SIT TESOL Certificate course with John Kongsvik.

All of the graduates in the videos share what they have been doing with their TESOL Certificates.  There is a wide range in the ages, the experiences, and the places where they lived and taught.  It's well worth the effort to check it out!

If you are curious about what a TESOL Certificate is, read Get TESOL Certified & Teach Your Way Around the World.™

Let's take a look at what you can do to get the ball rolling, seek and find a job teaching English, and begin your new journey as a TESOL Certificate teacher.

Would you like to teach your way around the world?  Contact John Kongsvik now!