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Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Benefits of Guided Practice Teaching

The Benefits of Guided Practice Teaching

"Promoting Positive Teaching Practices"

You can read a book about teaching English to non-native English speakers.  There are abundant TESOL resources on the Internet that will give you vital knowledge about teaching and learning language.  However, building a solid foundation inthe principles of TESOL comes from putting these principles into practice.  
Taking a TESOL course that provides plenty of real teaching experiences is the best way to prepare yourself for teaching non-native English speakers. 
Previously, we offered a detailed look at how the Experiential Learning Cycle  drives World Learning’s SIT TESOL Certificate Course.  Authentic English language teaching experiences lies at
the heart of the course and drives its focus.

The most reputable TESOL Certificate courses, like SIT's course, provide at least 6 hours of individual classroom teaching to each participant.   Most importantly, each hour is supervised and observed by a qualified trainer.  There are so many benefits to this experiential approach to learning.

Here's why our TESOL Certificate course sets you up for success....

 The Benefits of Guided Practice Teaching

Planning a Learner-Centered lesson:  Planning a lesson is more than choosing a topic or picking out an activity.  Novice teachers struggle with this stage for good reasons. Designing an effective lesson requires a teacher to consider many factors including:
  • The lesson’s objective
  • The steps of the lesson
  • The kinds of activities
  • The types of interactions
  • The timing involved
  • The assessing of progress

Participants in our TESOLCertificate Course receive many opportunities to plan learner-centered lessons.  Initially, participants are provided with a lot of support in planning lessons that gradually disappears as the course progresses.

Teaching a Learner-Centered Lesson:  Teaching an effective TESOL lesson involves more than standing in front of students and presenting the lesson’s content.  Developing the confidence and competence to facilitate learning requires many skills such as…

Each individual participant comes to the course with distinct strengths and challenges.  The supportive and safe teaching environment of the SIT TESOL Certificate course helps participants refine and develop their teaching skills.  When not teaching, participants are observing their peers/trainers teach. 

Reflecting on One's Teaching:  The ELC’s focus on reflection is key to improving one’s teaching practice.  Participants develop skills at objectively reflecting on a teaching experience to develop their understanding of positive teaching practices.

At this stage, participants explore..
  • What helped/hindered student learning during the lesson
  • Where learning took place and how it was demonstrated
  • How the lesson demonstrates the principles of TESOL
  • Personal teaching strengths and challenges
  • Concrete plans for personal growth and future teaching

These three steps of planning, teaching, and reflecting are crucial to developing confidence and competence in being able to teach English to non-native speakers.  Before you sign up for a TESOL Certificate Course, make sure the course has this as the center-piece of the program.

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