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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The World-Wide Demand For English Language Teachers

 The World-Wide Demand For English Language Teachers 

The Rise in Demand for TESOL Teachers in Latin America.

In the previous post, we explored the global need for English language teachers in Asia.  Let's move our focus from Asia to Latin America.  The chances are that you can name any country in Latin America and they are more than likely looking for English language teachers.

From Mexico to Chile, there are plenty of teaching opportunities for those qualified TESOL teachers. As in Asia, the range of teaching opportunities and conditions vary from country to country.  

This is a part of the world that teams with teaching opportunities and intercultural experiences that are unique  in context and in content.

If you are currently TESOL certified, you may want to read this.

Here are some of the options for tesoLing in Latin America.

There has never been a better time to live and teach English in Latin America  than now.

Holding the second spot our list of global TESOL  teaching opportunities is Latin America.   (For a look at the number one place for  TESOL teachers abroad please see our post on Asia).  Being #2 on our list has less to do with the amount of money you will make teaching in Latin America and more to do with the rich variety of teaching  and cultural opportunities that await you.

The compensation paid to qualified English language teachers in Latin America is not as high as other places in the world. In fact, if you're considering this field as a means of making a lot of money, you should consider the Middle East, countries in Asia, or working in a specialized field of TESOL.

Nonetheless, few places in the world offer such a variety of cultural richness. This is not to say that you can't make a good living in Latin America. Let's explore some of the opportunities now.

Country specific facts:

Mexico:  Our neighbor to the south has long been a draw for TESOL teachers.  Overall the Mexican economy has been growing annually. Certainly over the past few years, conditions in Mexico have made some people think twice about teaching in Mexico. However, there are many safe places to live and teach in Mexico. Besides, the many places in Mexico that have long been a draw for tourists (Oaxaca, Chiapas, San Miguel, and the Mayan Riviera, to name a few).  There are many other places as well that are often overlooked. For example, surrounding Mexico City are variety of beautiful cities that offer many opportunities for English language teachers. There is QuerĂ©taro with its fabulous parks and plazas. In Puebla Mexico, you can find beautiful colonial style houses and a vibrant artistic community.  There is also took Tuxla Gutierrez, the capital of Chiapas. This city straddles the state of Oaxaca and Chiapas and is the gateway to fabulous explorations into culture and history.  The proximity of Mexico to the USA makes this a popular choice, especially for new teachers.   We provide suggestions for finding work overseas here.

Costa Rica:  You can’t talk about Latin America without including this marvelous country. Because Costa Rica is saturated with tourists don't expect to get paid too much money for teaching in this Central American country. Nonetheless, when you think of Costa Rica what comes to mind? Beautiful landscapes, parks teeming with wildlife, and tranquil beaches. Of course in the capital, there are far more opportunities for TESOL teachers and the pay is higher. Having said that, there are other opportunities in smaller cities and even in touristic areas.  Because tourism is the number one component of coaster Rico's economy, there is a great need for English language teaching within the service industry. This includes hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and other businesses that exist for tourism. If you’re looking for a change of pace, the SIT TESOL Certificate will prepare you for a truly wonderful experience in this Central American country.  Expect to earn around $1000 per month.  Since living expenses are cheap, this can go a long way for the savvy traveler.

Peru: Home to one of the seven wonders of the world, this South American country has plenty to offer a qualified TESOL teacher. For the past six years, Peru has experienced an unprecedented economic growth driven primarily by tourism and natural resources. Because of this, Peru is a wonderful choice to make if South America is where you'd like to be. Of course, the capital of Peru, Lima, offers far more opportunities and any other place in this South American jewel.  In addition, places such Arequipa, Piura, and leaving Cusco have teaching opportunities for the intrepid teacher. While the amount of money that you will learn in Peru is considerably less than in its neighbor to the south, Chile or even its neighbor to the north, Columbia where else can you go to be steeped in history, fabulous food, and warm people.  Teachers with little experience can expect to take home between $500 and $1000 per month.  Many TESOLers find themselves picking up private classes or additional side work if they need to earn more money.

(read more about these individual countries in our newsletter)

Brazil:  This fabulous country is becoming more and more popular for TEFL/TESOL teachers.  First of all, the Brazilian economy is a raging at a pace that has both spiked the demand for TESOL teachers and the compensation they pay for these qualified instructors. Secondly, Brazil is about to host both the
Olympics and the World Cup. This has forced the Brazilian government to increase the attention it pays to  the quality and quantity English language instruction throughout the country.  You might find yourself teaching at a private English language school. You could also land a job teaching English at a university. In addition, there are binational centers (joint educational ventures between Brazil and the USA) throughout the country.  Likewise, as in other countries in South America (Peru, Chile, Colombia) there are growing opportunities for qualified English language teachers who can specialize in working with international companies engaged in mining, gas exploration, and other growing industries in this part of the world.  Hourly wages for novice TESOL teachers ranges from 15-25 reales per hour.  Private English classes pay more than double that.

Argentina: Home to the tango, amazing wine, and picturesque landscapes, this country has also seen an increase in demand for TESOL teachers.  Nestled at the bottom of the South American continent  Argentina has had a consistent presence of English language teachers for quite some time. 

Due to the growth of the Argentinean economy, the increase in English language programs at the university level, the primary and secondary level and even in the number of private English language institutes has been evidenced for the past few years.  Beginning teachers can expect a salary of between $30-$40 Argentinian pesos per hour.  Private classes can earn you above $50 pesos per hour.

We could mention many other countries like Honduras, Colombia, and Uruguay as other places you could wind up teaching English to non-native English speakers.  With a  TESOL certificate the world is truly your oyster.   Teaching in Latin America may not be for everyone.   However, for those individuals who wish to polish their Spanish/ Portuguese, slow the pace of living down, and have a memorable intercultural experience Latin America should not be overlooked.

Remember, get TESOL certified, grab your passport, and start teaching your way around the world.

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