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Friday, July 17, 2020

Why Should I Get TESOL Certified?

Why Should I Get TESOL Certified?

There's something that is driving you to get certified in TESOL. You may look at this as an entrance to the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages as their first career, a step into a new career, or as a complement to their careers.

Knowing what you're going to do once you've successfully completed the SIT TESOL Certificate Course is very important in considering how being TESOL certified supports your professional and personal goals.

The field of TESOL is an ever growing, ever adapting employment sector.

TESOL offers exciting opportunities for people who feel themselves drawn to working with non-native English speakers in their communities and abroad.

Watch:  Christina Romero talk about why she got 
TESOL Certified at John Kongsvik's training center.

Here are four categories of people and why they choose to get TESOL Certified.  Consider which one(s) you identify with most.

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Reasons for Getting TESOL Certified

People of all different backgrounds are drawn to the TESOL field.  Here are 4 of the most common types.
  1. They are currently volunteers in a group that offers tutoring in English.  This type of person usually wants the skills taking the course develops.  They see themselves continuing what they are doing and possibly finding a paid job locally.
  2. They have jobs and have always wanted to teach ESL.  They are looking at the TESOL Certificate as a way to find a part time job in the local market.  They see themselves teaching a few hours per week and possibly traveling overseas in the future.
  3. They have jobs, like to travel, and find the idea of teaching English appealing.  They are interested in earning the TESOL Certificate to teach English in another country but not for an extended period of time.  They see themselves teaching overseas during their time off from work.
  4. They are fascinated with the idea of living in another country and see earning the TESOL Certificate as a way to fulfill their dreams.  Taking the course is the first step in following their dream of living in a specific place or particular region of the world.  They see themselves teaching overseas for an extended period of time, usually a year or more.
After 18 years of running this TESOL Certificate course, there are those that people seem determined and focused on one goal.  Some participants change their goal as the course progresses.

There are others that don't really decide where they will be teaching until the course has finished. Regardless, this course helps participants refine their purpose of teaching English to non-native English speakers and clearer direction of what to do once the course is over.

There are incredible opportunities for teaching English overseas and locally for those people who are TESOL certified.

Regardless of your goal, earning your SIT TESOL Certificate is a must.

A TESOL Certificate will not only put you on par with all of the other English language teachers but also give you loads of competence.

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If you're looking to teach your way around the world, you really ought to check out the courses that we offer.  Whether you're new to this field or want to enhance the skills that you have,

TESOL Trainers can help you reach your goal of teaching English abroad.

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