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Monday, January 14, 2019

The Simple Guide to The SIT TESOL Certificate Course

The Simple Guide to the SIT TESOL Certificate Course

Alright, so you're thinking about taking the SIT TESOL Certificate course with John Kongsvik in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Maybe you've visited our website and perused our blog. Perhaps you are even wondering whether or not you need to get TESOL Certified (read about this here).

You may have even watched a few videos made by graduates of this course.

You probably listened to TESOL graduates talk about what they have been doing since getting certified.

You also heard these people share how going through the training with John Kongsvik impacted their teaching careers.

While the TESOL Trainer's Youtube channel has many testimonials, you can also view a sample from Alyx Tilly right here.

You can get in-depth information on every facet of our TESOL Certificate course in Santa Fe, New Mexico by downloading an information packet.  

To make it even easier, we have created Our Simple Guide to the SIT TESOL Certificate Course in a just-the-facts sort of way....

Read on for how you can..

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The Simple Guide to the SIT TESOL Certificate Course

Taking this TESOL Certificate course is an investment in time, money, and energy.  While many say it is one of the most challenging things they have done, they also say it was one of the most rewarding!

So, here is a look, by the numbers of the type of investment you are making in your education.

TESOL Certificate Participants Preparing for Teaching

TESOL Course Length:  140 total hours

  1. 70 hours of workshop sessions
  2. 16 hours of lesson planning sessions
  3. 6 hours of practice teaching sessions
  4. 30 hours of teaching observation sessions
  5. 18 hours of reflective feedback sessions

TESOL Course Format:

  • Intensive format:  
    • Lasts 20 days
    • Done Monday-Friday
    • Practice teaching in the morning;  
    • Workshops in the early afternoon; 
    • Lesson planning in the mid afternoon
  • Extensive format:
    • Lasts 11-14 weeks
    • Done on weekends and 1-2 evenings per week
    • Practice teaching done 1-2 evenings per week
    • Workshops on Saturday mornings
    • Lesson planning on Saturday afternoons

TESOL Course Schedule:   to see a current schedule, please go here.

TESOL Course Cost:  
  • Tuition: $2,200.00
  • Application Fee:  $100.00
  • Total:  $2,300.00 
Types of Classwork:
Burmese Teachers in a TESOL Workshop
  • exploring ways to teach the four skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing)
  • examining strategies and techniques
  • experiencing sample lessons and methods of facilitating learning
  • discussing what helps/hinders learning and why
  • practicing techniques and strategies in a controlled environment
  • presenting projects and modeling positive teaching practices
  • planning lessons and preparing for teaching practice
  • teaching real English language classes
  • observing peers and trainers teach
  • reflecting on aspects of teaching and learning language
  • deciding on measurable steps to improve one's teaching practice
Types of Homework:
  • Writing 2 essays 
  • Writing 3 practice teaching reflections
  • Writing 10 lesson plans
  • Completing a self assessment periodically
  • Preparing course portfolio
  • Preparing warm up activities
  • Reading articles on teaching and learning language
  • Other related tasks designed to set every participant up for success
Types of Jobs:  
Well, that's the down and low about the SIT TESOL Certificate course.  

If I've left something out, just ask.  If you want more information, visit our website or email us.

Take the course and change your world

Graduates of our TESOL Certificate course

 Teach Their Way Around the World©



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  2. Julia,

    Thanks for the heads up. People who are interested in getting their MA TESOL should also check out World Learning's SIT Graduate Institute. It's an experiential, educational, and enlightening experience!


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