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Thursday, January 17, 2019

TESOL Jobs From the Macro to the Micro

Teach Your Way Around the World©

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The field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is vast with a large range of English language teaching positions around the world.  TEFL and TESOL programs all look to fill their classrooms with qualified teachers who are going to help their students succeed.

There are TEFL/TESOL jobs teaching English to young children, teens, and adults.  There are English conversation classes and more specific courses in grammar, writing, and pronunciation.  There are general English classes and English for Specific Purposes, such as Business English.  There are full-time & part-time TESOL jobs.  There are English language programs that hire teachers for both long term & short term contracts.  In short, the myriad of English language teaching options is mind boggling....which is a good thing!  It means your perfect TESOL job is out there waiting for you to find it.

The best thing that you can do before getting a TESOL job and packing your bags is empowering yourself with knowledge about teaching English overseas.  Below, you will find informative information on the TEFL/TESOL employment sector that can help educate you on what kinds of jobs teaching English to non-native speakers are available.

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Teaching English Overseas

From the Macro to the Micro

TESOL is a vast field that covers many broad categories with many specialized sectors for teaching non-native English speakers.  

At the Macro Level of the TESOL field, there are opportunities for qualified teachers to work with young learners, teens, and adults. 

Today, the number of educational institutions who seek out English language instructors for young learners is at an all time high.  If you like working with children/adolescents, there are plenty of English language teaching opportunities.  As Asian and Latin American countries become more affluent, the number of teaching jobs and the salaries keep rising.

Teaching English Overseas continues to grow.

In addition to English teaching jobs at the primary and secondary school levels, there are also many English language teaching positions at the university level as well.  If you’d rather teach to adults, this might be a route to take.  Almost every university offers some kind of English language program for their students and for the community.  In fact, English language programs tend to be the cash cow of a university.

English Language Institutes offer English language classes throughout the day, into the evenings and on weekends.  These tend to be smaller classes than the ones offered at universities and primary/secondary schools.  A good number of this English language institutes also send their teachers to their clients.  Private language institutes also tend to offer more specialized English language courses.

Finally, there are private English language classes.  Many TESOL certified teachers find themselves with the opportunity to teach one-on-one classes.  These teaching opportunities are more individualized and typically pay a lot more more.  Many English language teachers have teaching gigs at a school and a few private classes on the side.

Teaching English to non-native speakers

At the micro level, there is a wide range of English language courses that a TESOL teacher might be asked to teach at each one of these educational institutions.

  • K-12 English classes:  Teaching English to non-native speakers in a K-12 setting may have a conversational focus (especially in the upper grades) or a more academic slant (English and content area classes).  In this teaching context, an English language teacher could have her own classroom, be paired with another teacher (especially in Asia), or find herself bouncing around for classroom to classroom.
  • General English classes:   These English language courses can consist of conversation classes, grammar classes, classes that teach writing.  These classes are often offered for different proficiency levels.  Some TESOL teachers could be asked to teach one specific course (Conversation I, Grammar II, etc) for a specific number of classes per day/week.  Other certified English language teachers have to teach a variety of classes throughout the day or week (3 Level II classes, 1 Level IV class, and 2 Level I classes).
  • English for Specific Purposes:  These are specialized English language classes (ESP).  These classes may be on TOEFL preparation, English for Medical Professionals, English for Tourism and Service Employees, English for Aviators (really), etc.  Teachers of ESOL who have both a TESOL certificate and a background in another professional field may have fewer employment opportunities, but they are often compensated at a much higher rate.

For those of you who have a TESOL Certificate or are thinking about obtaining one, it's a good idea to check out what the TESOL jobs field looks like.  It's the best way to educate yourself.  Along those lines here are some helpful websites:

For those of you who aren’t TESOL Certified, you can read all about the benefits of getting certified on our blog.  Getting TESOL certified is a prerequisite to teaching English overseas.

You can also check out our website to learn about how to enroll in World Learning’s SIT Graduate Institute TESOL Certificate course in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  In addition you learning how to teach English to non-native speakers, you'll also learn about the TESOL field, where to look for teaching jobs, how to get a job teaching English overseas, and how to start...

TESOLing and Teaching Your Way Around the World©

Have I left anything out of this overview?  Please let me know.

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